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  • The UT-15C meter allows to measure AC, DC voltages in the range 12 ... 690V.

    The measurement is carried out automatically when the probes come into contact with the measuring points.

    The device automatically selects the appropriate measuring range and informs the user about it using LEDs located above the display.

    In addition to measuring the voltage, the device allows you to check the continuity of the circuit and measure the phase shift between the two phases of power supply.


    The maximum duration of the measurement is 30 sec. After this time, wait about 10 minutes before performing the next measurement.

    LCD display:
    DC voltage measurement: 12 V - visual measurement ,
    24 V ... 690 V ± (3% + 5)  @ 1 V
    AC voltage measurement: 12 V - visual measurement ,
    24 V ... 690 V ± (3% + 5)  @ 1 V
    Phase sequence detection:
    DC voltage polarization detection:
    Sound signal of the continuity test: 0 ... 400 kΩ
    Resistance measurement: -
    Frequency measurement: -
    RCD test (residual current device test): -
    Main features: Sound signaling
    Flashlight built-in
    Aesthetic and solid construction
    Voltage tester function (one probe measurement using the contact placed on it) - Detection of voltage above 100V results in lighting the diode
    Power supply: 2 x 1.5V, type AAA/LR03 battery - included
    Dimensions: 280  x 75  x 35 mm
    Manufacturer / Brand: UNI-T
    Guarantee: 2 years