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  • The G-8/R19 device allows to comfortable connect 8 YAP type CCTV cables and orderly power supply distribution from one higher power unit.

    The G-8/R19 distributor splits the power into 8 outputs, each of them is protected by fuse and has indication of output voltage (the corresponding LED glows when the voltage is present at the output).

    The G-8/R19 has three power inputs, which are connected to each other.

    It does not matter to which connector we connect the power voltage, so it is possible to use cable with DC 2.1/5.5 power plug or isolated wires.

    The devices can be also connected in series, for example: from the cable terminals of the first device DC IN to the second G-8/R19 device input DC IN via WT-2.1 cable.

    No more hanging down wires in the RACK cabinet.

    Take care about your wires arrangement.

    The device is ideal for connection with 2.1/5.5mm power adapter plugs and YAP75 cables, which are used in installations of cameras.

    A standard CCTV YAP75-0.59/3.7+2x0.5 cable has 2 wires 0.5mm² each.

    Theoretical resistance is 3.4Ω/100m.

    Manufacturer data is 5.5Ω/100m.

    Powering the camera with DC 12V over CCTV YAP75 cable and assuming the voltage drop to 11V, the power may be delivered over the distances shown on the below table.

    Standard: CVBS - PAL / NTSC
    Number of video outputs: 8 pcs BNC socket
    Number of video inputs: 8 pcs screw terminals
    Number of power outputs: 8 pcs Cable terminals
    Number of power inputs: 3 pcs 2.1/5.5mm socket / cable terminals
    Maximal power supply current: 10 A
    Maximal current for single output: 1 A
    Type of fuses: 1A/250V, 5/20mm, delayed
    Power supply: 8  ... 30 V DC (typical 12V)
    Device current consumption (for different Uz): 12 V = 150 mA / 30 V = 250 mA
    LEDs application: red "POWER" - indicates the power voltage (DC IN)
    green "PWR LED" - indicates the fuse blown (if there is no light means the fuse blown)
    yellow "VIDEO LED" - indicate the video signals
    Max. current: 150mA camera - 98 meters (R=3,4Ohm/100m)
    150mA camera - 60 meters (R=5,5Ohm/100m)
    650mA camera + thermostat - 22 meters (R=3,4Ohm/100m)
    650mA camera + thermostat - 14 meters (R=5,5Ohm/100m)
    Assembly: Rack 19"
    Housing: Metal
    Color: Black
    Operation temp. / Relative humidity: -50 °C ... 55 °C / < 95 %
    Weight: 0.400 kg
    Dimensions: 483  x 64  x 44 mm
    Manufacturer / Brand: DELTA
    Guarantee: 3 years