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SOLAR IP CAMERA, OUTDOOR DS-2XS2T41G1-ID/4G/C05S07(4MM) 4G/LTE - 3.7 Mpx 4 mm Hikvision

  • SOLAR IP CAMERA, OUTDOOR DS-2XS2T41G1-ID/4G/C05S07(4MM) 4G/LTE - 3.7 Mpx 4 mm Hikvision

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    Maximum resolution
    Night vision up to
    Angle of view (horizontally)
    Notifications to smartphone
    Detection of the PIR sensor
    Weather and water resistant
    IP rating
    P2P remote connection
    MicroSD slot, Battery, PIR motion detector
    Microphone, Speaker
    Video connection
    Power source
    DC 12V
    Warranty, months


    Outdoor 4G/LTE wireless IP camera DS-2XS2T41G1-ID/4G/C05S07(4MM) is the perfect solution for monitoring the front garden, entrances as well as construction sites, plots, etc..


    The camera works with the 4G/LTE network and the connection is made on a plug and play basis - just install a microSIM card and the device will establish an Internet connection by itself - this solution allows the camera to be used wherever there is an operator network coverage.


    The included solar panel with a built-in battery allows the camera to work in places where there is a problem with the power supply.


    The built-in PIR detector allows the camera to automatically switch from the standby mode to the active state.


    The camera is equipped with an internal memory allowing to save up to 50 GB of data.


    Camera is according to IP67 Index of Protection norm.

    Standard: TCP/IP
    Sensor: 1/3 " Progressive Scan CMOS
    Matrix size: Mpx
    Resolution: 2560 x 1440  - 3.7 Mpx ,
    1920 x 1080  - 1080p ,
    1280 x 720  - 720p
    Lens: 4 mm
    View angle: 79 ° (manufacturer data)
    76 ° (our tests result)
    Range of IR illumination: 30 m
    Possibilities of adjustment: Solar Panel : -30 ° ... 30 ° (horizontal) ; -45  ... 45 (vertical)
    Audio: Microphone built-in,
    Speaker built-in,
    Audio transmission via network,
    Bi-directional audio streaming support,
    Noise reduction,
    Alarm signaling,
    Compliance with the AAC standard
    Image compression method: H.265+ / H.265 / H.264+ / H.264 / MJPEG
    Main stream frame rate: 12.5 fps @ 3.7 Mpx
    Network interface: RJ-45 - 10/100 Mb/s, Ethernet
    4G LTE - The microSIM cards support, Uplink / Downlink : 50 / 150 Mbps
    WEB Server: Built-in
    Max. number of on-line users:
    Default admin user / password: admin / -
    Mobile phones support: Port no.: 8000 or access by a cloud (P2P)
    Android: Free application Hik-Connect
    iOS: Free application Hik-Connect
    Default IP address: 
    Web browser access ports: 80 
    PC client access ports: Port no.: 8000 or access by a cloud (P2P) - iVMS-4200 application
    Mobile client access ports: 8000 
    Port ONVIF: 80 
    RTSP URL: Main stream : rtsp://user:password@ - with authorization
    Sub stream : rtsp://user:password@ - with authorization
    Memory card slot: Micro SD memory cards up to 256GB support (possible local recording)
    Main features: D-WDR - Wide Dynamic Range
    3D-DNR - Digital Noise Reduction
    ROI - improve the quality of selected parts of image
    BLC/HLC - Back Light / High Light Compensation
    Day/night mode
    Configurable: brightness, contrast, saturation
    Sharpness - sharper image outlines
    AGC - Automatic Gain Control
    Auto White Balance
    ANR - Automatic Network Replenishment allows to save image to the card when the network connection with DVR is break (network failure) and next synchronize its
    NAS - Network Attached Storage support - allows to connect memory resources directly to the computer network
    Motion Detection
    Alarm signaling - Audio, E-mail
    Alarm notifications
    Events saving to the micro SD card
    Built-in PIR detector :
    - Detection angle : 80 ° (horizontal), 42 ° (vertical)
    - Detection range : 12 m
    Internal memory : 8 GB ( 5 GB for recording ),
    4G LTE/WCDMA/GSM support - The microSIM cards support
    RESET button,
    Solar Panel : 6.5 W - built-in battery 51.5 Wh
    Estimated battery operation time: ~ 2 days
    11 days (Standby mode)
    Power supply: Li-Ion battery 8.1  ... 12.6 V,
    Solar Panel : 6.5 W,
    12 V DC - 5.5/2.1 socket (power adapter not included), For the purpose of service
    Power consumption: max. 7 W
    ≤ 1.85 W (typical) - 4G LTE support
    80 mW (Standby mode)
    Housing: Compact, ADC
    "Index of Protection": IP67
    Color: White
    Operation temp: -20 °C ... 50 °C
    Weight: 1.45 kg (total)
    Dimensions: 294  x 189  x 214 mm (total)
    Supported languages: Polish, English, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Greek, Spanish, Dutch, Lithuanian, Latvian, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Italian ,
    Manufacturer / Brand: Hikvision
    SAP Code: 311319441 
    Guarantee: 3 years

    Camera image at artificial illumination (about 30Lux)



    Camera image at night conditions with internal built-in LED illuminator on



    Camera image at direct strong light opposite to camera




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