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IP CAMERA IPC-HDW5449H-ASE-D2-0280B Full-Color Dual-Lens - 4 Mpx 2.8 mm DAHUA

  • IP CAMERA IPC-HDW5449H-ASE-D2-0280B Full-Color Dual-Lens - 4 Mpx 2.8 mm DAHUA

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    Maximum resolution
    Night vision up to
    Angle of view (horizontally)
    Smart features
    Human detection, Line crossing, Intrusion detection, Vehicle detection
    Notifications to smartphone
    Simple motion detection, Human detection, Vehicle detection
    Weather and water resistant
    IP rating
    P2P remote connection
    MicroSD slot
    Microphone, Microphone connector, Speaker, Speaker connector
    Video connection
    RJ-45 (10/100MBps)
    Power source
    DC 12V
    Warranty, months


    The DAHUA Dual-Lens Network Camera is a modern camera combining 3 innovative technologies: Dual Light Fusion - image processing based on 2 sensors and 2 lenses, Dahua Full-Color - 24/7 color image, WizMind - Artificial Intelligence functions.


    The camera also has 2 hybrid LED illuminators equipped with IR and white light LEDs.


    The Dual Light Fusion technology allows the camera to collect visible color details of the image and lightness information using for this purpose separate lenses.


    One camera sensor processes the image in the visible light range and the other in the infrared range.


    Thanks to the pixel-level frame-to-frame mapping, the captured images are clear, high-definition and with vivid colors, even when the supplementary white light is off.


    Such image processing can significantly reduce light pollution in the monitored scene at night.


    By utilizing the high precision AA - Active Alignment process, the lenses and sensors of these cameras are precisely aligned, which enables that the captured image is clearly and accurately restored.


    The large aperture of the lens F1.0 increases the amount of light hitting the sensor.


    The large size of the sensor 1/1.8" provides increase in the brightness of the image.


    As a result, the camera achieves a S/N ratio 14 times higher compared to conventional models.


    IP camera with efficient H.264 / H.265 image compression algorithm for clear and smooth video streaming at maximal resolution of 4 MPx.


    The camera has extensive functions of intelligent image analysis.


    PoE powering possibility, compatible with the 802.3af/ePoE standard makes the device more universal and easier to install.

    Standard: TCP/IP
    Sensor: 2 x  1/1.8 " Progressive Scan CMOS
    Matrix size: Mpx
    Resolution: 2688 x 1520  - 4 Mpx ,
    2560 x 1440  - 3.7 Mpx ,
    2304 x 1296  - 3 Mpx ,
    1920 x 1080  - 1080p ,
    1280 x 960  - 1.3 Mpx ,
    1280 x 720  - 720p
    Scanning system: Progressive
    Lens: 2 x  2.8 mm / F1.0
    View angle: 97 ° (manufacturer data)
    105 ° (our tests result)
    Range of IR illumination: ≤ 50 m
    White light LED illuminator range: ≤ 50 m
    Min. illumination: 0.0002 Lux / F1.0 (color)
    RS-485 interface: -
    Memory card slot: Micro SD memory cards up to 256GB support (possible local recording)
    Image compression method: H.265 / H.264 / H.264B / MJPEG
    Alarm inputs / outputs: 1 / 1 
    Audio: Audio input,
    Microphone built-in,
    Audio output,
    Speaker built-in,
    Bi-directional audio streaming support,
    Audio detection
    Main stream frame rate: 25 fps @ 4 Mpx
    Network interface: 10/100 Base-T (RJ-45)
    Network protocols: IPv4/IPv6, HTTP, TCP, UDP, ARP, RTP, RTSP, SMTP, FTP, DHCP, DNS, NTP, Multicast, DDNS
    WEB Server: Built-in
    Max. number of on-line users: 20 
    ONVIF: 20.12 
    Mobile phones support: Port no.: 37777 or access by a cloud (P2P)
    Android: Free application DMSS
    iOS (iPhone): Free application DMSS
    Default IP address: 
    Default admin user / password: admin / -
    The administrator password should be set at the first start
    Web browser access ports: 80, 37777 
    PC client access ports: 37777 
    Mobile client access ports: 37777 
    Port ONVIF: 80 
    RTSP URL: rtsp://admin:password@ - Main stream
    rtsp://admin:password@ - Sub stream
    Main features: Dual AI image sensors with multi-spectral imaging technology that produces colorful images in low illumination conditions
    Dahua Multi-Spectrum Fusion technology extracts the details and brightness of the visible spectrum and infrared spectrum to create a single image with a brightness close to the visible light brightness, so the camera provides a better image in low light
    D-WDR - Wide Dynamic Range
    3D-DNR - Digital Noise Reduction
    ROI - improve the quality of selected parts of image
    BLC/HLC - Back Light / High Light Compensation
    Day/Night mode (color/b&w/auto)
    Full Color - colorful night mode
    WB - White Balance (ATW/AWB/manual/indoor/outdoor)
    AGC - Automatic Gain Control
    Motion Detection
    Configurable Privacy Zones
    Mirror - Mirror image
    Built-in hybrid illuminator (LED - IR/white)
    SMD 3.0 - searching for an object classified as: human, motor vehicle
    Heat map - the selection in the image by corresponding colors the areas with different traffic
    IVS analysis : crossing the line (tripwire), intrusion, fast moving - classification of people and vehicles, scene changing, abandoned/missing object, detection of people gathering, loitering detection, counting people entering and leaving the area, counting people or the time of their stay with the option of setting an alarm, Supports area or queue management and the ability to configure up to 4 rules, parking detection, Audio detection, face detection - supports 6 types of facial attributes extraction, supports 8 types of face expressions
    Housing: Dome - Metal
    Color: White + Black
    "Index of Protection": IP67
    Vandal-proof: -
    Power supply: PoE (802.3af),
    12 V DC / 875 mA
    Power consumption: max. 10.5 W @ PoE
    max. 9.3 W @ 12 V
    Operation temp: -40 °C ... 60 °C
    Weight: 0.75 kg
    Dimensions: Ø 122  x 111 mm
    Supported languages: Polish, English, Czech, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Russian, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Italian
    Manufacturer / Brand: DAHUA
    Guarantee: 3 years

    Camera image at artificial illumination (about 30Lux)



    Camera image at night conditions with internal built-in LED illuminator on



    Camera image at night conditions with internal built-in IR illuminator on



    Camera image at direct strong light opposite to camera



    Camera image at night conditions, at different illumination values show below


    10 LUX



    1 LUX



    0.1 LUX



    0.01 LUX



    0.001 LUX




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