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    The use of technology with the use of an inverter allows to obtain a stable output voltage that allows for safe powering of electronic receivers.


    The inverter generator is used for emergency power supply, e.g. computers, server rooms, telephones, central heating furnace controllers, digitally controlled household equipment, heat pumps, electrically opened gates and garage gates, various medical devices and other devices sensitive to voltage fluctuations.


    It is also a convenient power supply in the field of tourism, e.g. caravans, camper-vans, boats, etc..


    The genset engine's rubber stabilizers and engine mounts dampen vibrations and minimize noise.

    Nominal power: 3000 W
    Maximum power: 3300 W
    Output voltage: 230 V AC
    Number of outlets: 2 pcs - single-phase
    Built-in voltmeter: -
    Output frequency: 50 Hz
    Voltage stabilization: Inverter (provides full voltage stabilization)
    12V DC output:
    Engine capacity: 124.6 cm3
    Engine type: SY152F-3
    1 cylinder, 4 stroke, gasoline, air cooled
    Starting the engine: Manual
    Noise level during operation: ≤ 94 dBA
    Average fuel consumption: 1.1 l/h - 50% load
    Fuel tank capacity: 7.5 l
    Fuel gauge: -
    Main features: Low oil level indicator light
    Overload signaling
    Overload protection
    Battery charging possible
    Save fuel by automatically reducing the revs as the load decreases
    Color: Green + Black
    Weight: 32.1 kg
    Dimensions: 614  x 341  x 506 mm
    Manufacturer / Brand: Kraft&Dele
    Guarantee: 12 months