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  • The demonstration kit of the RACS 5 access control system by ROGER.

    The kit includes: access controller, RFID readers and necessary communication interfaces.

    The devices are connected and placed on a transparent board with the wiring diagrams.

    The kit is configured and ready for demonstration as soon as power is connected.

    A computer (not included) is additionally required for system configuration changes and demonstration of software capabilities.

    To connect the demonstration access control system to the computer can be used both the USB interface, and the LAN/WAN network.

    In addition, the panel has the following interfaces: Wiegand, RACS CLK/DATA, RS458A for communication with external devices using these data transmission standards.

    The whole kit is contained in an aesthetic and handy suitcase.


    There is a possibility to rent a kit. The rental takes place on the basis of sale with the possibility of return within 30 calendar days from the date of invoice.

    For this purpose, when ordering, please inform us that the product will be returned.

    Content of the case: Access controller MC16-PAC-8
    micro SD memory card with configuration data
    RFID readers MCT48M - 2 pcs
    Administrator reader RUD-3
    Communication interface RUD-1
    IOS-1 sockets and simulators
    A set of 10 MIFARE Classic 1k proximity cards
    Ethernet network cable - 2 x RJ45
    micro SD Memory Card Reader
    USB cable
    Weight: 4.35 kg
    Dimensions: 465  x 340  x 170 mm
    Manufacturer / Brand: ROGER
    Guarantee: 3 years