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  • The UT-682D is a wire pair detector consisting of a transmitter and a receiver.

    The device allows you to perform measurements on telephone lines, twisted-pair cables and electric cables.

    The detector is designed to identify and search wires without disturbing their insulation.

    For telephone lines, it can additionally indicate the line status and facilitate troubleshooting of installation and maintenance.

    The device case is made from a solid plastic, which guarantees the reliability and long-term working during the installations..

    Tested cables: UTP, FTP, YTKSY
    Main features: Continuous output voltage of the transmitter : 8 V DC
    Polarity indicator for telephone wire pairs : ± (5V ... 52V) 
    The maximum length of the telephone line : 3000 m
    search for broken wires
    Searching for a wire fault point
    Detect ringing tone on telephone lines
    Sending a constant or modulated signal to identify a selected wire in the bundle
    Optical - sound signaling
    Power supply: 2 x 9V, type 6F22 battery (included)
    Operation temp: 0 °C ... 40 °C
    Weight: 0.12 kg - Transmitter
    0.1 kg - Receiver
    Dimensions: 74  x 68  x 30 mm - Transmitter
    208  x 49  x 33 mm - Receiver
    Manufacturer / Brand: UNI-T
    Guarantee: 2 years


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