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  • Small sizes switching power supply adapter with one output.

    Attention! If the power adaptor is using for continuous work (24H) the rated current of the adaptor should be less than 80% of the maximal current.

    Please pay attention for proper cooling conditions of the power adaptor during work! Inside Rack cabinets and at poor conditioning places we recommend to use together with adaptor the following elements: A19-W12 Rack Fan and FR-1 Fan Speed Control.

    Adapter type: Switching
    Power voltage: 230 V AC
    Output voltage: 12 V DC
    Output voltage adjustment: 11.1  ... 13.2 V
    Maximal load: 5 A
    Output power: 60 W
    Number of outputs: 2 pcs
    Protections: Short-circuit
    Operation temp. / Relative humidity: -10 °C ... 50 °C / 20 % ... 90 %
    Weight: 0.31 kg
    Dimensions: 160  x 98  x 42 mm
    Guarantee: 2 years