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  • Power adapter is equipped with aesthetic, solidly made metal casing box.

    Adapter operation is indicated by LED placed on the casing box.

    The power supply adapter is stabilized and allows to connect up to 4 devices with max. current consumption of 825mA for each output.

    Each power line is protected by a polymer fuse and has a LED indicator informing about output voltage presence.

    Attention! If the power adaptor is using for continuous work (24H) the rated current of the adaptor should be less than 80% of the maximal current.

    Please pay attention for proper cooling conditions of the power adaptor during work!.

    Adapter type: Switching
    Output voltage: 12 V DC
    Output voltage adjustment: 11  ... 13 V
    Max. output current (total): 3.3 A
    Max. output current for single output: 0.85 A
    LED indication:
    Protections: Overload
    Input voltage: 230 V AC
    Power: 40 W
    Number of outputs:
    Connector type: Cable terminals
    Housing type: Metal, wall-mounted
    Key closed:
    Weight: 0.62 kg
    Dimensions: 165  x 165  x 51 mm
    Guarantee: 2 years