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  • The magnetic contacts can be used wherever required for controlling the status of doors, windows and/or other movable elements, e.g. for protection or monitoring of access to particular sites, spaces, facilities, in automatic control systems, etc..

    The contact is designed for surface mounting.

    Detection: Opening the door or window
    Maximum reed switched voltage: 20 V
    Maximum switched current: 20 mA
    Make distance: 29 mm
    Break distance: 30 mm
    Main features: Plastic (ABS)
    NC output - a magnet close to a reed switch - does not trigger an alarm, the contacts are closed
    Color: Brown
    Weight: 0.02 kg
    Dimensions: 64  x 13  x 13 mm
    64  x 19.5  x 13 mm
    Guarantee: 2 years