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  • The HG-140-45W semiconductor heater operates based on a PTC thermistor.

    Heaters and fan heaters prevent condensation of water vapor and maintain the proper operating temperature of the devices.

    For optimum circulation of air it is advisable to install the convection heaters in the bottom part of the cabinet in a vertical position.


    The device is designed for use only in closed cabinets.

    For safety reasons, you should keep a minimum distance of 50mm from the cables and other equipment.

    The PTC thermistors are not suitable for series connection.

    To maintain the constant temperature level in a cabinet, you should connect in series a suitable thermostat to the heater.

    Heating element: PTC thermistor - semiconductor, self regulating
    Radiator: Aluminum - Extruded profiles, Anodized surface
    Connectors: Cable terminals - 3 pcs
    Power supply: 110 V ... 265 V AC/DC
    Current consumption: max. 3.5 A - at the time of switching
    Power: 45 W
    Assembly: DIN TS-35 rail, vertical
    Enabled heater temp: 120 °C ... 140 °C
    Operation temp: -45 °C ... 70 °C
    Weight: 0.176 kg
    Dimensions: 109  x 70  x 58 mm
    Guarantee: 2 years