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  • POWER GENERATOR DY-950 650 W Dynamo

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    A power generator with manual start is ideal for emergency power supply: home, office, camping, as well as boats and yachts.


    The genset engine's rubber stabilizers and engine mounts dampen vibrations and minimize noise.




    The power generator has a two-stroke engine - it requires a mixture of 95 gasoline and 2T oil for two-stroke engines in a ratio of 50:1.


    The device is not designed for continuous 24/7 operation.


    In case of long operation, the power generator should not be loaded with more than 75% of the nominal power.

    Nominal power: 650 W (manufacturer data),
    640 W (our tests result)
    Maximum power: 750 W
    Output voltage: 230 V AC
    Number of outlets: 1 pcs - single-phase
    Built-in voltmeter:
    Output frequency: 50 Hz
    AVR voltage stabilization: -
    12V DC output:
    Engine power: 2 HP
    Engine type: 2 stroke, air cooled
    Engine capacity: 63 cm3
    Starting the engine: Manual
    Noise level during operation: 92 dB (manufacturer data),
    85 dB (our tests result)
    Average fuel consumption: 0.4 l/h
    Fuel tank capacity: 4 l
    Fuel gauge: -
    Color: Yellow + Black
    Weight: 16.8 kg
    Dimensions: 380  x 320  x 320 mm
    Manufacturer / Brand: Dynamo
    Guarantee: 2 years

    We conducted a number of tests before introducing specific models of power generators to the offer. We tested both the real current efficiency of individual models, their efficiency or the quality of the generator and engine (by disassembling the first few models)



    The rated power of the generator declared by the manufacturer turned out to be in line with our tests



    In tests, the power generator turned out to be quieter than declared by the manufacturer