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  • MAGNETIC CONTACT 17x9mm black

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    Sensor connection
    Power source
    DC 12V

    The magnetic contacts can be used wherever required for controlling the status of doors, windows and/or other movable elements, e.g. for protection or monitoring of access to particular sites, spaces, facilities, in automatic control systems, etc..


    The magnetic contact element containing the magnet should be mounted on the movable part, while the reed switch – on the stationary part of protected doors, windows, etc. The sunk magnetic contact is designed for face mounting in such materials as wood or plastic.


    The contact is to be pressed in.


    The magnet must be located within the operating gap (see specification).


    Misalignment of the axes of magnet and reed switch in cylindrical magnetic contacts should not be greater than 10mm.

    Detection: Opening the door or window
    Maximum reed switched voltage: 20 V
    Maximum switched current: 20 mA
    Make distance: 9 mm
    Break distance: 10 mm
    Main features: Length of the cables : 35 cm
    Plastic (ABS)
    Color: Black
    Weight: 0.008 kg
    Dimensions: Ø 9 x 17 mm
    Guarantee: 2 years