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  • The LM-120 device is a laser distance meter with a range up to 120 m.

    The LM series are portable devices that can easily and accurately measure length, area and volume, as well as perform more complex measurements..

    The product is ideal e.g. for interior design, gardens, property measurements, engineering inspection, etc..

    Measurement range: 120 m ± (2mm+5x10-5D)
    Continuous measurement:
    Area measurement:
    Volume measurement:
    Measurement of the cathetus:
    Measurements using the Pythagorean theorem:
    Section measurement:
    Angle measurement:
    Measurement of deviation from the level:
    Measurement of deviation from the vertical:
    Add/subtract function:
    Save measurements: 20 groups
    Measurement unit: meters / feets / inches
    Main features: Reference point: front or back of the device
    LCD display
    Battery charge indicator
    Laser 630-670nm, <1mW
    Automatically turns off the laser after 30 s
    Automatically turns off the device after 3 min
    Built-in mini spirit level
    Power supply: Alkaline batteries AAA, 2 pcs (included)
    Operation temp: 0 °C ... 40 °C
    Weight: 0.11 kg
    Dimensions: 122  x 52  x 30 mm
    Manufacturer / Brand: UNI-T
    Guarantee: 2 years


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