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IP camera Longse LBH30KL500, 5Mp, 2,8mm, 40m IR, POE, human detection

  • IP camera Longse LBH30KL500, 5Mp, 2,8mm, 40m IR, POE, human detection

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    Maximum resolution
    Night vision up to
    Angle of view (horizontally)
    Smart features
    Human detection, Line crossing, Intrusion detection, Loiter detection, People gathering detection, Vehicle detection
    Notifications to smartphone
    Simple motion detection, Human detection, Vehicle detection
    Weather and water resistant
    IP rating
    P2P remote connection
    MicroSD slot
    Video connection
    RJ-45 (10/100MBps)
    Power source
    DC 12V
    Warranty, months

    • 5 megapixel high-resolution Sony Starvis sensor captures extremely detailed and high-quality images. The integrated infrared LED light allows you to see the image at night in complete darkness up to 40m!
    • Integrated POE power supply module makes it extremely easy to connect the camera with a UTP cable alone, which transmits both mating and data. The cable length can be up to 90 meters! Plug & Play automatic configuration using a Longse POE recorder - all you have to do is connect the camera with a UTP cable and after a couple of minutes the camera settings are automatically adjusted to the device and you will see the image.
    • Internet connection via free Bitvision phone app, free iVMS-320 app on PC. By scanning the QR code, you can easily add the camera to your account and enjoy live video and recordings from anywhere in the world.
    • The wide-angle 2.8mm lens with a viewing angle of up to 105° will allow you to store an extremely large area with one camera. The IP67 class water, dust, heat, cold and shock resistant metal body allows the camera to be installed both outdoors and indoors.
    • A connection for a microSD card of up to 512GB and up to 50% memory-saving H.265 encoding allow you to store up to 18 days 24 hours a day in the camera itself. 


    This camera sees the images not only during the day but also at night. During the day, the camera displays a colored recordings. The integrated powerful infrared LED light turns on automatically in the evening if there is insufficient light and the camera switches to night mode. The light emitted by infrared LEDs is not visible to the human eye, but the camera sees it and displays a black-and-white image at night. The high-sensitivity Sony sensor and powerful IR LEDs allow you to see the image in complete darkness at night up to 40 meters. If there are other light sources in the monitored image, they help the camera to see further than the camera's IR LED illuminates.

    The wide-angle fixed focal length 2.8mm camera lens allows you to view images up to 105° and record large areas with fewer cameras.


    5 megapixel Sony Starvis sensor with 2592x1944 resolution produces 2.5x more detailed images than the popular High Definition TV format Full HD (1920x1080).

    Higher the resolution, the safer your home and business will be.

    This allows you to enlarge the image without losing detail. 

    The high-resolution wide-angle camera allows you to see the car's license plates up to 15 meters away. 

    Higher resolution allows people’s faces to be recognized at a greater distance.


    Your home, office or pets will be safe wherever you are. 

    You can connect to the camera with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

    You can monitor live video, view recordings if they are packed to a microSD card, in addition you can change basic camera settings. 

    All you have to do is connect the monitoring equipment to the Internet and add it to your account in the free Bitvision app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. Free program iVMS-320 for Windows and macOS computers. 

    Remote connection does not require a special static IP address or complex port opening work on the Internet router. The connection uses a simple and secure P2P connection method - just scan the QR code on your smartphone and save it to your account. 

    Remote monitoring is free - there are no monthly or subscription fees, so you won't incur any additional costs.


    The camera has a sturdy metal shell with an environmental protection rating at IP67.

    This means that the camera is airtight and completely dust proof, as well as protected from rain, snow and strong water currents. Even if camera was immersed to 1 meter deep in the water it could still function for up to 30 minutes. So you can rest assured that even the biggest rains won’t be a problem.

    The cameras can fully withstand extreme colds or huge heat and direct sun. The camera works even in critical temperatures from -30° to +50°, so you can safely mount the camera outdoors.

    The sturdy camera body and metal mounting foot are also shockproof.


    • We recommend using cameras with Longse POE recorders if you are installing more than one camera, as this is more convenient since you are able to see all cameras through one device. This also makes it possible to have a longer recording time as well as security recording in stored inside building. And also more economical, because one recording device stores the recording of all connected cameras, in which case you do not need to buy a microSD card and install in each camera.
    • The camera can be also used without an additional recording device - the camera has a built-in easily accessible connection for a microSD card up to 512GB, which allows the camera to work autonomously - the recording will be stored in the camera itself even when there is no internet connection.
    • The next-generation H.265 encryption, which saves up to 50% of memory, allows you to store up to 18 days 24 hours a day on a 512GB memory card. When using a smaller capacity card, the recording time is correspondingly shorter.
    • Setting up recording only when you capture motion will allow you to store your recordings for even longer.
    • There is also the option to record and view the image on a Longse cloud server - this service is ordered and paid for in the Bitvision app.
    • Plug & Play automatic configuration using a Longse POE recorder - all you have to do is connect the camera with a UTP cable and after a couple of minutes the camera settings are automatically adjusted to the device and you will see the image.


    Integrated POE power supply module makes it extremely easy to connect the camera with a UTP cable alone, which transmits both mating and data. It is not necessary to run separate power cable, which saves a lot of money.

    For POE maintaining additional POE adapter, POE network hub and POE recording devices are being used. Just plug in the UTP cable and that's it.

    POE 803.3AF operates at a higher voltage of 48V, so the camera cable can reach up to 90 meters without additional amplifiers.

    SMART functions

    • The camera not only detects the image change, but also detects people and cars by analyzing the image!
    • When connecting the SMART detection function of the camera, you only need to draw the area where you want to detect the movement and the camera will mark in the recording that a person has been detected.



    Surveillance IP camera suitable for indoors and outdoors

    5 megapixel Sony Starvis CMOS sensor.
    Maximum resolution 2592 x 1944 25 fps (frames per second).
    Video compresion H.265+/H.265/H.264+/H.264. Also supports JPEG and AVI file formats.
    Image configuration: Saturation/Brightness/Contrast /Sharpness, Mirror, 3D NR , White Balance, FLK(Flicker Control)
    Wide dynamic range (WDR).
    Privacy masking - 3 zones.
    2,8mm fixed lens. Horizontal field of view ~105°.
    Night vision
    Integrated infrared light filter (real night-day camera)
    High quality long life IR leds support night vision up to 40 meters.
    Automatic IR LED status and power control.
    IP67 rated waterproof and weatherproof housing suitable for mounting indoors and outdoors.
    Metal housing is vandalproof
    Suitable for mounting on the ceilling or the wall.
    White color.
    Free BITVISION app P2P connection - easy way to connect camera by scaning the QR code with the smartphone or tablet (iPhone,iPad, Android).

    Free iVMS-320 computer software to see live video and playback records for PC or Mac.
    Connection via computer internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome (IE tab), Firefox (IE tab).
    Menu languages: English, Russian, Polish, German, French, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, Turkish, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian,Nederlands, Bulgarian
    Recording can be done to NVR, PC via VMS program or browser.
    Motion detection function with zone selection. Motion trigger can send notification to NVR, upload picture to cloud server.
    Supports ONVIF 2.4
    SMART / AI features

    The camera has the ability to detect cars in the image. We recommend using car detection function together with "Line Crossing" function.
    Camera recognizes the person by the silhouette and starts recording when the person's movement is noticed. 
    Intrusion detection. When the person enters the marked area, the camera can mark detection in the recording.
    MicroSD cards up to 512GB slot (not included). This allows the camera to record an image without a recording device in the camera itself, and allows you to view the recordings by connecting directly to the camera through a browser, computer application, or phone app. Select the microSD card of the desired capacity. By default, the camera's 1-day continuous recording takes up ~ 27GB of capacity. When H.265 + mode is activated, savings of up to 30% of the capacity can be achieved depending on the monitored image.The MicroSD card slot is located inside the camera so we recommend insert the card only experienced users

    Operating temperature -30°C to +50°C. 
    RJ-45 port for LAN connection (UTP 10/100Base-T)
    PoE power transmition via UTP cable support according to IEEE 802.3af standard. Please choose the suitable PoE switch. When using a single camera without a recorder, we recommend single channel POE power supply

    12V power plug (5,5mm). Input power DC 12V±10%, 700mA.

    Power adapter is NOT INCLUDED. Please choose the power supply. We recommend 12V/1000mA power adapter.
    Warranty 36 months.

    IP cameras are compatible with all IP network video recorders (NVR) as well as with Pentabrid video recorders (XVR)

    Real test videos (similar model)

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