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    Outdoor, dual-zone autonomous code lock.


    The device allows to open the entrance by use a PIN code.


    Two zones support allows to control two independent entrances (eg wicket + gate).


    It is possible to connect the additional exit button.


    Flush mounting.


    Surface mounting is possible with the D600B1 cover.

    Cards support: -
    Autonomous operation:
    Keyboard built-in:
    Doorbell button: -
    Tamper output: -
    Power supply: 12  ... 15 V DC
    Maximal current consumption: 150 mA
    Relay contacts load: 1 A / 24 V
    Main features: Number of relay outputs : 2 
    Keypad backlight buttons
    Possibility to program up to 1010 codes for 2 zones
    2 zones support, eg wicket + automatic gate
    Relay to control for example: electric strike or electromagnetic lock
    Optical tamper protection
    Mechanical tamper protection
    Watchdog built-in
    Output for the additional lock release button
    Possibility of working in bistable mode (entering the code releases the electric strike, re-entering the code closes it)
    Reversing bolt support
    Operation temp: -20 °C ... 50 °C
    Permissible relative humidity: < 95 % (non-condensing)
    "Index of Protection": IP65
    Housing: Acid-proof steel / Plastic, Vandal-proof
    Color: Silver
    Weight: 0.41 kg
    Dimensions: 110  x 100  x 40 mm
    Manufacturer / Brand: VIDOS
    Guarantee: 3 years