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Car dash camera MIO MiVue 955W, 4K, 2,7" screen, 140°, GPS, WIFI, Parking, HDR, SpeedCam, ADAS

  • Car dash camera MIO MiVue 955W, 4K, 2,7" screen, 140°, GPS, WIFI, Parking, HDR, SpeedCam, ADAS

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    Maximum resolution
    2MP 1080p
    Angle of view (horizontally)
    Screen size

    Premium 4K, Wi-Fi, GPS video recorder

    Mio™ Night Vision Ultra
    MiVue™ 955W has an integrated high-quality Mio Sensor Ultra™ sensor (1/1.8), a large aperture and uses professional software image enhancement technology that ensures excellent contrast and rich colors even in low light. 

    4K 2160P resolution
    You will never miss important details with the MiVue™ 955W. The recorder captures the image at 30 frames per second at four times the resolution of Full HD, so you can be sure that every detail of the trip is captured and saved. 2.5K 2560 x 1440 60fps and 2.5K 2560 x 1440 30fps HDR resolution can also be recorded. 

    F2.0 aperture lens
    More light passes through the sensor for good image quality, especially in low light.

    120° wide angle view
    Capture every detail clearly in critical moments with a recorder with glass lenses and a wide shooting angle. 

    High Dynamic Range (HDR) increases the tonal representation of the captured image, making it look more natural. Thanks to HDR, videos created in poor lighting conditions remain sharp and detailed.

    GPS speedometer alerts
    Drive safer and avoid speeding fines. MiVue™ 955W GPS speedometers are updated with location data for the lifetime of the device. 

    Speed limit warnings
    The MiVue™ 955W shows the distance and time (in seconds) to the end of the speed zone, as well as the speed limit and your average speed for the checkpoint.

    QuickClick mount and adjustable lens angle
    The compact video recorder fits discreetly behind the rear view mirror. The easy-to-change lens angle makes this recorder suitable for larger and taller vehicles. With the active mounting bracket, you can take the recorder with you every time you leave the car. 

    Built-in Wi-Fi
    You can easily and quickly connect to the recorder by scanning the QR code on the screen, and with the new generation Wi-Fi module, you can save videos to your smartphone 2x faster using the MiVue™ Pro application. You can also update MiVue™ 955W firmware and speedometer data via WIFI OTA (Over-the-air) update, ensuring your device is always up to date.

    Integrated GPS
    The GPS module is built inside the recorder, unlike other video recorders on the market, so there are no external boxes. Your location and speed are recorded in each recording.

    3-axis G-sensor
    When the 3-axis G-sensor detects sudden changes in movement, the recorder will immediately save the file to prevent it from being deleted.

    Parking mode
    Using the latest motion detection technology, the MiVue™ 955W can automatically turn on and record video when motion is detected near the front (or rear if the E60 rear camera is used) of the vehicle. This helps you collect evidence even when you are not in the car. Smartbox III accessory required, available separately.

    Voice commands
    Drive safer and control the main functions of the video recorder with your voice and do not distract yourself from driving.

    The MiVue™ 955W is equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Fatigue Warning (FA) and Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) contribute to maximize driving safety.

    The MiVue™ 955W has a built-in supercapacitor instead of traditional batteries, which ensures that the recording is successfully saved in the event of a power failure. It is also much more resistant to temperature fluctuations than traditional batteries.

    Compatible with MiVue™ E60 rear view camera - sold separately.

    Mio MiVue™ Manager This is an application for viewing and analyzing your videos (Windows/(MAC). 

    Video sensor: 8 Mega Pixels 1/1.8’’ sensor
    Recording resolution:
    4K 3840 x 2160 at 30fps
    2.5K 2560 x 1440 at 60fps
    2.5K 2560 x 1440 at 30fps HDR
    View angle: 120°
    Aperture: F2.0
    Video format: .mp4 (H.265) *
    Size: 102.5 (H) x 61.75 (W) x 40.25 (D) mm
    Weight: 130 g
    Display size: 2.7" IPS
    Built-in GPS: Yes
    Built-in Wi-Fi: Yes
    Built-in SuperCap: Yes
    3-Axis G-sensor: Yes
    Micro-SD card: U3/V30, max 256GB
    GPS tracking: Yes
    GPS safety camera warnings: Yes
    Average speedcam alerts: Yes
    Voice commands: Yes
    2 in 1 Parking Mod: Yes (Smart box III needed)
    Photo mode: Yes
    Auto power on: Yes
    Event recording: Yes
    HUD display mode: Yes
    Smartphone App: Yes (MiVue™ Pro App)