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  • The MS-6818 meter allows to identify and track cables placed in walls or buried underground.

    The meter's method of operation also allows the tracking of the position of other metal installations, such as water and sewage pipes, elements of heating installations (including floor installations) and other.

    In addition, the MS-6818 meter also allows to detect faults and short circuits of the electrical cables.

    The device enables operation both in the disconnected circuit and in the presence of mains voltage (AC and DC).

    In the case of a mains voltage presence, both the transmitter and the receiver will display on the screens a warning about working on a live circuit.

    The transmitter also has the ability to measure the voltage in the circuit in the range of 12V ... 400V AC/DC.

    The maximum range from which the receiver is able to locate the wire is 2m, which also allows to determine the position of installations located quite deep below the surface of the ground.

    It is possible to use a larger number of the MS-6818 meters simultaneously for example to establish rooms supplied from different phases of the electrical network.

    Transmitters have the ability to transmit different signals that are identified by the receiver.

    Both the transmitter and the receiver identify these signals using letters: F, E, H, D, L, C, O, A.

    Output signal: 125 kHz - Transmitter
    AC voltage measurement: 12 ... 400 V
    DC voltage measurement: 12 ... 400 V
    Main features: Wire continuity test,
    Searching the place of wire damage,
    3 operating modes: unipolar, bipolar, loop,
    The ability to identify any metal elements of electrical, plumbing, heating installations, etc.,
    Detection of the cable in the wall and underground at depth up to 2m,
    The possibility of operating under mains voltage and in a circuit without voltage,
    8 transmission codes set on the transmitter and distinguished by the receiver,
    Built-in buzzer allows to operate the device without looking at the screen
    Power supply: Transmitter :
    9V, type 6LR61 battery - included
    Receiver :
    6 x 1.5V, type AAA/LR03 battery - In the kit
    Weight: 0.37 kg - Transmitter
    0.27 kg - Receiver
    Dimensions: 190  x 90  x 41 mm - Transmitter
    241  x 79  x 38 mm - Receiver
    Guarantee: 2 years


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