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    The MC16-PAC-4 controller is a multifunctional electronic module, intended for use in the RACS 5 system, which enables the implementation of access control of the transition and building automation.




    The pre-installed license includes functionality relating to control of the 4 transitions and building automation.

    Number of served transitions:
    Number of users: max. 8192  - Number of identifiers
    Number of media per ID: 8  - Proximity card, PIN code, fingerprint, etc.
    Number of permissions per ID: 32 
    Buffer memory: 8 000 000 events buffer
    MCT readers support: 16 pcs
    Readers connections: 4 pcs - Wiegand / PRT
    Number of login points:
    Number of access terminals: 16 
    Number of access zones:
    Number of alarm zones:
    Number of automation nodes:
    Battery backup support: 13.8 V / 7 Ah
    Communication: Ethernet 10BASE-T 10/100 Mb/s - RJ-45 socket
    2 x Port RS-485
    RACS (Roger)
    Main features: Control of automation from the system terminals
    Presentation of alarm supervision states on terminals
    Controlling the supervision state of the alarm system zones
    Hardware integration with alarm system and fire system
    Multifunctional parametric inputs including Dual Wiring
    Weekly access schedules
    Multi-year calendars of exceptions
    Integrated support in VISO software
    Power supply: 17  ... 18 V AC
    10  ... 15 V DC
    22  ... 26 V DC
    Operation temp: 5 °C ... 40 °C
    Permissible relative humidity: ≤ 95 % (non-condensing)
    Weight: 0.15 kg
    Dimensions: 175  x 72  x 30 mm
    Manufacturer / Brand: ROGER
    Guarantee: 3 years


    Declaration of Conformity CE


    Declaration of Conformity Grade-2